Customizing Buttons

Customizing button, creating a button with your design and logo; All types of buttons can be customized.

Natural buttons like Wood Button, Corozo Button, Coconut Button, Real Shell (MOP) Buttons can be customized by laser marking or graving method, as all of these are unmanufactured natural materials they can be only customized by laser marking.

Metal Buttons;

Brass Metal, Zinc Alloy (Zamak), or SS Metal (Stainless Steel) can be customized. There are two different processes between these metals, Zinc Alloy (Zamak) metal is shaped as melting metal and shaping with steel molds. As metal is melted any shape, design, and logo is possible to create.

Another type is smashing sheet metal like Brass and Stainless Steel. by forging. The difference with Zamak metal is, brass metal is shaped as smashing with a design mold. Metal in sheet type as thickness 0,3 – 0,6mm. smashed with a design mold and also applied several molds for folding and cutting as giving the sheet metal around button shape. If we compare zinc alloy possibilities a little bit less, yet still there are too many variations designs and models, our designers and customers keep us surprised every single day.

Manufacturing a button has many delicate processes, starting with designing which is designed by our designers with 3D Rendering / Drawing Special Softwares or come from our customer’s designers. we continue with creating mold according to technical drawing, after mold completion we start production, once production is finished the first step is applying burr removing and surface treatment after that, products are treated with several surface treatments to make the surface shiny and smooth. After surface treatments, continue with surface coloring in electroplating drums, and after electroplating the buttons, painting or varnish or lacquer applied on the surface after that button parts send to the assembly department for assembling buttons with bottoms and finished with QA and packing.

Minimum Quantity

All of these processes require attention, experience, and qualification, and these processes have significant requirements. For standard (non-logo) buttons order quantity is very flexible, you can order 1 piece, but once it comes to creating a design and button of your own, that means a creation of a design mold from steel, which is processed in a minimum of 4 days up to 8 days. after producing steel mold, attaching that mold to a machine and making adjustments of the machine requires at least 45 mins. and taking out the mold at least the same time, and making small adjustments and electroplating drums require some quantity to make equal quality surface plating. which means creating a design requires at least 5000 to 10.000 pcs. production quantity of course changing by size, smaller sizes needs more quantity and bigger sizes need less quantity. Our factories are focused on production of buttons and similiar accessories like Rivets, buckles, eyelets, cord ends, metal labels etc. We are able to produce all kinds of accessories and trimmings for apparels and clothings. We are exporting to USA, all Europe and MENA, CIS Countries.

Button Sizes